Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still accepting or seeing counselling clients?

I am maintaining my current clinical caseload and I continue to see existing and past counselling clients, however, I am no longer accepting new clinical clients.  If we haven’t worked together before and the concerns you have are best suited for therapy, I offer short-term Mental Health Consulting to support you with next steps and can assist you with referrals to other helping professionals.

Are you still working with couples?

My schedule no longer allows me to work with couples, but I would be happy to provide referrals to other therapists who can help support you and your partner(s) in your relationship.  If you wanted to come in individually to speak about concerns or questions about your romantic or intimate relationships, I still offer Mental Health Consultation sessions.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is a present and future focused approach to personal and professional growth. Although at times we will need to explore and reference the past (since that’s what got you here), the focus on what’s happening in your life today and where you want to go tomorrow.

Working with me, you get the benefit of all my years of training and experience as a practicing Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, paired with my background in Executive Coaching, Business Strategy and Leadership Training all in one place. Plus throw in a dose of my training with Brené Brown on building courage, embracing vulnerability, and unleashing innovation.

I think of it as Therapeutically-Informed Coaching + Accountability + Strategy.

This rolls together to build your capacity as a leader and help you create a deeper awareness of yourself and your motivations, discover blind spots and learn how to eliminate the internal (and external) roadblocks holding you back, and create shifts in your mindset and erase self-limiting beliefs around what is possible for you. Plus come up with a strategy to make your goals a reality.

Essentially, I use everything at my disposal to help you get out of your own way!

Can I talk to you about anything?

Yes, please feel free to bring up anything you’re dealing with. However, certain concerns are best dealt with in different ways. If we in a coaching relationship but determine you would be better served by doing therapeutic work to meet your goals, we will discuss a referral or work in tandem with other professionals to ensure you are receiving all the support you need.


If you're my coach, does that also mean you're also my therapist?

No – Coaching and Therapy serve a different purpose, have different ground-rules, and require a different relationship. 

Although I am a fully-trained and practicing Psychotherapist, I am able to coach counselling clients, but I am not able to enter into a counselling relationship with coaching clients. It’s like a one-way street. If we are coaching together and we decide that therapy would be the best fit to help you meet your goals, I can assist you with referrals to other professionals and/or work in tandem with another therapist to support you.

What is your cancellation policy?
24 hours notice on the previous business day must be given for the cancellation of appointments otherwise, the full session fee will be charged.

For example, Monday appointments must be cancelled by mid-day Friday to avoid cancellation fee. There is a high demand for services and certain times of day, your session is reserved exclusively for you and therefore is not available to others.

What are the benefits of coaching?
Coaching can help you gain a new understanding and awareness about yourself and others, learn new skills and strategies to help your towards your goals, and to change behaviour patterns. Coaching can help increase your confidence and feelings or self-worth and help you enhance relationships with yourself and those around you.
Are there any risks of coaching?
While there are potential benefits to coaching, success is not guaranteed and there are potential risks. Coaching may stimulate memories, evoke strong feelings, and changes in awareness may alter your self-perceptions and ways of relating to others. In fact, sometimes these realizations will make you feel worse before you feel better. That said, coaching is a fluid process and you can continually discuss any concerns or questions you have with me.
How long will we work together?

As long as you find it useful. I don’t believe in locking people into personal development work. My clients will often come in for periods of intense work and then come back for maintenance, accountability or on-going support once shifts begin to happen. For specific change, people often attend roughly 6 – 10 weekly or bi-weekly sessions, but for more complex issues or if you’re looking to shift larger, lifelong patterns or beliefs, we work together until you feel like you’re done. I trust in my client’s judgement to know what they need.

Is everything we discuss confidential?

Since I am a registered clinical counsellor (and because it’s just good practice), information about what we discuss in sessions will not be released to anyone without your informed, voluntary, and written consent.

Exceptions are:

  • If  you disclose you may be an imminent danger to yourself or others
  • If there is suspicion or disclosure of abuse of vulnerable persons, such as a child or elderly person
  • In the highly unlikely event that my records are subpoenaed by court order

Every reasonable effort will be made to discuss these circumstances with you prior to the involvement of others.