EMDR Intensives

What is an EMDR Intensive?


I am trained in an accelerated model of EMDR, so even though traditional EMDR works fast, we can work even faster. What does this mean for you? You get quicker relief without having to go back and talk about/think about every single thing you’ve been avoiding. Living it once was enough…

Clients use words like “gobsmacked,” “shocked,” “amazed,” and “unbelievable” when we reach the end of our time together because they genuinely can’t believe the change that happens in such a short time.

Intensives usually require 1- 5 full days per theme, although more may be required depending on the nature of your goals and/or complexity of your concerns. Full-day sessions include:

  • Three hours of EMDR in the morning.
  • A break for lunch (usually an hour).
  • Another three hours of EMDR in the afternoon.
  • Breaks as needed throughout the day.

For first-time clients, at least one full-day is recommended to get started as this yields the best results. Full or Half-day sessions are available for follow-up work if future sessions are wanted or needed.

We will discuss your intended outcomes and how much time we would likely need together to meet your goals in our initial consultation session.


A full day sounds like a really long time…


I know it sounds like a long time, but I promise full-day sessions don’t feel like 6 hours. In fact, most clients report it tends to feel more like one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. Because EMDR isn’t like traditional talk therapy or coaching, we’ll be keeping your brain busy enough that it won’t notice the time passing, and neither will you. And as the day goes on, you’ll feel lighter (but possibly a bit tired) as years of memories and beliefs that have been holding you back melt away. I do find full-day sessions offer the best results, but In some cases, we may be able to do two half-day sessions back-to-back if needed or as scheduling allows.


How intense is an intensive? 


The first hour is often the most intense because you have spent so long avoiding the memories, feelings, and sensations that it can take your system a little while to relax into the process. However, once we get rolling, things begin to shift quite quickly. We usually find that the intensity typically starts to subside after about 90 seconds of processing as we move towards different aspects of disturbing memories or thoughts. It’s important to remember – you already lived it once, you can handle it again for 90 seconds, and then you never have to think about it again unless you choose to. If you’re experiencing anxiety about the EMDR process, we start there and don’t proceed until you feel ready. You are in complete control of how fast and how far we go. And you’ll be amazed at how quickly things can start to shift.


What can EMDR Intensives address?


EMDR is an incredibly robust approach that can be tailored to shift a variety of challenges and goals.

For Peak Performance, EMDR can be used to address any self-limiting beliefs and any mental or emotional roadblocks that are keeping you from the life you want. You don’t have to have a specific “trauma” to experience life-changing effects. This could include challenges with:

  • Self-Esteem / Self Confidence / Self-Worth
  • Assertiveness and Boundaries
  • Self-Sabotage / Procrastination
  • Performance Anxiety / Fear / Worry
  • Leadership Identity
  • Struggles with Public Speaking
  • Sports Enhancement
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Stress Management

Essentially any mindset-related concern that is keeping you from your full potential, EMDR can help you shift.

For Mental Health concerns, EMDR Intensives address a wide range of challenges, such as:

  • Anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias
  • Chronic Illness/pain and medical issues/trauma
  • Depression, Grief and loss
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other trauma and stress-related issues
  • Sexual assault
  • Sleep disturbance / nightmares
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Violence and abuse


Benefits of EMDR Intensives:


Intensives allow for faster relief and results than traditional weekly/bi-weekly sessions. We are effectively doing three months’ worth of processing in one day. This means you will get the same results in a fraction of the time. Essentially, instead of getting your relief, clarity, and change over time, you’re getting it all at once, so you can just get on with living your life.

Longer sessions mean we can stay focused on your current concerns. Whereas when sessions are spaced out over weeks, new challenges or life circumstances can pull you away from your original goals.

Longer sessions mean you don’t have to revisit the past more than needed. In weekly sessions, we likely will not be able to complete processing on a specific memory/belief system in our limited time together, meaning we may have to return to the same event over multiple sessions over multiple weeks. In intensives, it’s typically one and done for specific memories because we have the time to adequately address everything we need to in the same session.

Intensives are easier to plan around. Instead of scheduling multiple 60min or 90min sessions over months, you can clear your schedule for the day and then get back to your regular routine.

Are EMDR Intensives a good fit for everyone?


Because of the accelerated nature of EMDR Intensives, they are not for everyone. Some challenges are best supported through a slower approach, such as complex dissociative disorders. In those cases, going slow is the fastest, most effective way toward healing. In our initial consultation, we will discuss your specific goals and the pros and cons of doing intensive work. If it appears you would be better served through a different approach, I’ll do my best to help you find a referral.


What is the cost and process?


The first step is booking an initial 90min consultation session ($250 – regularly $375) to explore your goals, determine if intensives are a good fit for you and come up with our “map” for our time together if we decide to move forward.

Dates are released six weeks in advance, but first choice goes to existing clients to ensure they can complete work started if more sessions are needed or wanted. You will be told in our initial consultation about current availability.

Once we find a date that works for you, you would need to put down a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve your space ($750 for each full-day). You have 48hrs to send your deposit from the time your session is offered or your space will be released to other clients who are waiting. The final 50% payment is due one week before the session ($750 for each full-day). 

One week before your session, you will also receive the intake questionnaires that will help us tailor the process for you specifically.

Initial Consultation sessions are done virtually over zoom but can be requested as in-person in my downtown Vancouver office (as available). Due to my travel schedule, you will typically wait longer for in-person consultation sessions. Intensive sessions are only offered virtually. There is no difference between virtual and in-person as far as effectiveness. In fact, over the years I have found that clients prefer the flexibility and comfort of their own homes and avoiding additional travel time.