Leadership Coaching Specialties

I work from a Values-Based Leadership perspective which is a holistic approach to leadership coaching. Values-Based Leadership is a decision making paradigm which incorporates personal needs and values with the greater good for society as equally important when creating a plan for the future.

In our work together you will:

  • Explore your personal leadership style and your identity as a leader,
  • Enhance your communication skills so you can speak and be heard, and really learn how to listen to those around you,
  • Understand how to cultivate meaningful relationships with those around you so you can feel supported and connected in all aspects of your life,
  • Discover your true core values, and how they can help guide you in difficult decisions and inspire confidence in those around you,
  • Learn how to set and maintain boundaries with yourself, those around you, and with your work. I promise you – time management and work/life balance are achievable,
  • Recover from and/or create strategies to avoid professional burnout. Loving all aspect of your life is possible, and life and work don’t have to feel so hard.
My training with Dr. Brene Brown is infused throughout all I do but also can be the specific focus of our work together as well. In the Daring Wayâ„¢ and Rising Strongâ„¢ curriculum we focus on how you can more authentically and compassionately show up for yourself and others. It explores self-limiting beliefs and mindsets, along with unpacking perfectionism, risk-avoidance, and how you can pick yourself back up after a big fall.

Those who are the most creative and innovative have learned how to master their fear of failure and vulnerability, and learn how to lead themselves. That is what we will do for you in our work together.

If you’re ready to take steps toward clarity, I invite you to connect today.