Leadership Coaching

As a leader, all eyes are on you.


For decisions, for guidance, for support, for vision, for modelling what is and isn’t ok on a daily basis…


Whether you lead an organization of hundreds, run your own business, or just find yourself as the calm in the storm for others, leaders often face the pressure to be everything to everyone and struggle to find the time, space and support to meet their own personal needs and professional goals.

They face the challenge of needing to be confident in the face of instability, of needing to empower others while often having nowhere to turn for support themselves.


Leading can sometimes be a lonely road.


There is also an unavoidable truth – no-one can see what they can’t see, and no-one can know what they don’t know. Without an outside perspective to help bring these things to light, we often keep spinning our wheels, avoiding issues we don’t know how to address, or doubling down using tactics that aren’t working because we don’t know how to do it any differently.


That’s where I come in.


I help Executives, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Community Leaders and Managers:

  • Create a clear understanding of their leadership identity in life and work,
  • Discover how to communicate more effectively to get heard and influence more authentically,
  • Clarify their core values and learn how to use these are key decision-makers,
  • Cultivate meaningful connections with those around them,
  • Set firm (but respectful) boundaries with themselves, others, and their work, and
  • Manage stress in healthy ways that reduces burnout and builds joy,
  • plus much more…


In short, I help you increase your personal capacity and professional impact through the creation of your own internal emotional infrastructure and intentional strategy.

This allows you to lead more authentically (and efficiently) in life and at work.


Whether you need:

  • support to clarify who you are as a leader,
  • a plan to create new skills to allow for effective management of self, people and projects,
  • a strategy to keep yourself sane, grounded and healthy as you push your growth edge
  • or just a confidential space to let your guard down and share the truth of your experiences…


Together we will create a tailored process to help you reach your goal and show up more authentically in all aspects of your life.