SPICE Up Your Values: How to Operationalize your Organization's Values

When most people are asked “What are your organization’s values?”, their answer is something like one of the following:

  • “Let me ask HR”
  • “I think we have those printed in the break room”
  • “Ummm I can’t remember off the top of my head but it had something to do with (fill in the blank)?”
  • Or just a blank stare…

And if they are able to list even a few of the organization’s values, usually the next question stumps them entirely,

“What behaviours, measurements and metrics does your organization use to determine if they are living those values?”

Unless a company has done specific work with their values, the answer is almost always,

“I don’t know?”

So why is this? Well it’s not because the companies don’t care or don’t act with integrity. These are often incredible organizations doing life-changing work in the world.

I find It’s often because the leaders running these teams haven’t learned how to harness and operationalize their organization’s values in a tangible way. It’s the difference between theory and practice. You need one before the other, but you need both to really create concrete change.

Cultures and companies thrive when they have a shared language and shared commitment to behaviours that align with their intentionally chosen values. 


In fact, leaders and companies who know how to fully integrate values behaviours across all levels of practice have been found to be 800% more profitable* than counterparts that just give them lip service.


And that’s where this program comes in.


S.P.I.C.E. up your Values is a six month program that allows leaders to explore and learn how to determine their organization’s core values, discover how to make values-based decisions, establish a set of values-led behaviours and metrics for themselves and their teams, plus time to test, integrate and assess these new practices in their own companies.

Through six monthly 4 hour training sessions we will explore what it means to be a values-based leader and a values-based organization. By integrating the S.P.I.C.E. Stakeholder Model and the work of Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ principles, leaders will dig in and achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to establish and define your organization’s core values
  • Discover how to determine specific, measurable and observable behaviours that align with your organization’s values
  • Determine how to make sure values are being integrated throughout five key stakeholder groups within your organization: Society, Partners, Investors, Customers, and Employees
  • Learn how to incorporate the language of values and corresponding behaviours into hiring, training and feedback conversations.
  • Understand how to use values to increase team accountability and innovation
  • Increase personal leadership abilities and awareness


This program not only helps leaders establish measurable and observable behaviours that support their organization’s values, but the process itself is a powerful way to build trust, communication skills, and engagement among team members.


Investment: $15,000 + GST for teams.  Please contact me for booking requests or for individual rates.


About the Facilitator: Constance Lynn Hummel, MA

As a Values-Based Leadership Coach, Psychotherapist  and one of Canada’s few dual Certified Daring Way™ and Dare to Lead™ Facilitators trained by Brené Brown, Constance supports leaders through tailored curriculums to meet their unique leadership goals and challenges.

She holds a Master’s Certificate in Values-Based Leadership from Royal Roads University and a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#4009), a Canadian Certified Counsellor(#1828) and an Associate Power Coach with special focus on Executive Coaching, along with running three of her own businesses. More information about her background click here.


* According to Sisodia, R., Sheth, J., & Wolfe, D. (2014). Firms of endearment: How world class companies profit from passion and purpose. 2nd Ed. Pearson Education: Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.