Burnout, Boundaries & Balance Workshop

Burnout, Boundaries, and Balance Workshop

(All workshops can be tailored to specific organizational needs) 


Leaders often face a constant battle of trying to balance it all – work pressures, social and family obligations, and somewhere in all of that, still have a life they love! Too often, the need to be everything to everyone can find even the most high functioning leaders feeling lost and sliding into burnout.

In this interactive 3-hour professional development workshop discover:

  • How you can identify and avoid professional burnout, along with tools to buffer yourself in times of stress,
  • How to establish and utilize your own personal values to navigate difficult times, build stronger connections and find more joy in the workplace, and
  • How to create boundaries that protect what matters most in your life and communication strategies to make sure your needs are being heard.



Feedback from past participants:


“This was an excellent, eye-opening & hopeful session. Constance is an engaging presenter, and offers new insights and information, as well as valuable, actionable takeaways”

“Constance was an excellent presenter, knew her subject material and audience very well and the event was very engaging”

“I came into the workshop not knowing what to expect but it really made me stop and think about how I can more carefully plan my time, and what my priorities need to be for me to be happy and balanced”

“This workshop showed me how values, self care, communication and boundaries all impact stress and burnout.  It doesn’t happen in isolation.  There are many factors to consider”


About the Facilitator:


Constance Lynn Hummel, MAPsychotherapist | Values-Based Leadership Coach | Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

Constance works with Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Change-Makers to help them build the emotional infrastructure necessary to courageously lead themselves and others.  She draws on 10 years of therapeutic and leadership work paired with her background in corporate and entrepreneurial worlds to support individuals and organizations to become stronger, more intentional leaders.

If you are interested in finding out how this workshop could be tailored to benefit your organization or group, I invite you to connect with me today.