Personality and Career Assessments

Are you looking for a quick and fun way to learn more about yourself, your skills and your passions?

Personality and Skills Assessment tools can springboard you to the next level in personal development, by highlighting your strengths and outlining areas for growth in life, relationships and work. Your results will provide clarity and offer insight towards your style of decision making and problem solving. Additionally, they can help you pinpoint careers that can allow you flourish instead of trying to fit into a box that doesn’t fit.

Each tool has specific advantages and target different aspects of your daily life. They can be purchased as stand-alone coaching or as part of on-going counselling or coaching sessions.

How It Works

  1. Choose which assessment or assessments are of interest to you
  2. A link will be emailed to you allowing you access to take the test/s online at your convenience
  3. A debrief session is booked to review and help you make sense of your results. Debrief sessions are available in person, online or by telephone.
  4. Go forth and be awesome!

For more information about which tool may be right for you, click below to find out more.

Assessments offered include:

Single Assessment Package


A Single Assessment package includes:

  • Access to the online test which can be done at your convenience
  • One 1 hour debrief session to review results
  • Digital copy of your interpretive report for your records


Multi-Assessment Package

$50 Discount

For example – Myers-Briggs + Strong Interest Inventory = $750

A Multi-Assessment package includes:

  • Access to the online tests which can be done at your convenience
  • One 1 hour debrief session to review results per assessment (can be combined)
  • Digital interpretive reports for your records (dependent on assessments chosen, combined interpretive reports may be available to more fully integrate your results)

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