Accountability . . .  sometimes I shutter when I hear that word.

Accountability means it’s all up to me.  It means that I have no one else to blame.  It means that I am truly responsible for my words, my thoughts, my actions and beliefs.  Don’t get me wrong – when things are working out – I am more than happy to claim it is all due to my careful and meticulous planning, and my steadfast follow- through.

But that is much harder to do when thing don’t go the way I hoped.  In times like that, it’s much easier to throw my hands up in the air and say, “There is nothing I can do about it.  It is all out of my control and I am at the fate of the universe.  I am just a victim of my circumstances”. Its almost like there is some comfort in the helplessness, because again, I’m not accountable.  It had nothing to do with my choices and everything to do with the will of the world.  And that can be easier than admitting I played a part in how things turned out.  Sometimes I hate knowing when life throws things at us that we could never have anticipated; we still are accountable for how we respond.

I wonder what would happen if we were all able to claim our failures as much as we claim our successes? If we were able to see the hand we played in becoming the people we are today.  If we were able to understand – as adults – how yesterday’s choices contribute to life today.  I wonder if we would be more careful, or more exuberant?  I wonder if we would learn to trust ourselves and the world around us more, or less? What would be different if we reminded ourselves each and everyday that we have a hand all that comes to our lives, and we have the power to change things too.  Maybe in recognizing our power, accountability wouldn’t look so bad after all.