Mental Health Consulting

What is Mental Health Consulting?


It’s a consult with a therapist who isn’t your therapist. Think of it like clinical triage.

Sometimes we all need an outside perspective when we’re not sure what to do next.


If you feel the core of your current struggles involves:

  • Issues with your intimate relationships – monogamous or non-monogamous,
  • Sexual Concerns,
  • Addiction, or concern for someone else’s alcohol or substance use,
  • Your parent’s drug or alcohol use and it’s impact on you as an adult,
  • Anxiety and/or Panic Disorders, or
  • Clinical Depression

This is how I can help.


I am no longer taking on new clinical clients beyond my existing caseload. However, in my 10 years of therapeutic work and teaching I’ve found that information is power. Some people can make significant shifts, while gaining clarity and insight, from a single session. Consulting sessions are a short-term catalyst that allow me to share my clinical experience with those looking for direction and insight, with the understanding they would connect with someone else for the longer-term depth work often required.

What happens in these sessions?

First off, we would have a 10-15min conversation on the phone to make sure we’re a good fit before booking your session. You would then take some time to fill out an intake form and determine your goals for the session. Once there, we’ll explore your concerns and I’ll offer you feedback and recommendations on ways you could move forward and/or explore potential roadblocks to progress.

This feedback may take a few different forms:

  • Psycho-education about your concern or questions so you can feel empowered to make future decisions,
  • Recommendations for books you could read to learn more about yourself and your circumstances,
  • Exploration of exercises or activities to support healing and/or growth,
  • Suggestions for types of therapy or other modalities that might be useful for you as you move toward your goals,
  • Assistance with referrals to other professionals.

Can I come back for more sessions?

I offer booking for one follow up session if requested. This is because it’s important for you to find a long(er) term therapist that you can continue to work with over time if needed.

What Mental Health Consulting is not:

This service is not meant to replace therapeutic work. This is not a quick fix but instead the beginning of change. Also, I work from a non-pathologizing perspective i.e. I believe we are all the way we are for very good reasons and we don’t need labels to move towards wellness. Our reactions are often a normal and reasonable reaction to life’s crazy circumstances, even when they don’t make sense to us or those around us. Due to this, Mental Health Consulting should not be viewed as a formal “mental health assessment”, nor will it provide a mental health diagnosis for your current concerns.