Leadership Coaching

Effective leadership is a balance between cultivating others and cultivating yourself.

Not everyone runs their own business or leads a team, but everyone should lead their own life.


I help Socially-Conscious Executives, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Community Leaders and Inspired-Action Takers:

  • Clarify who they are in life and work (hint: these are not the same thing),
  • Discover their identity as a leader and how to get others to follow their mission,
  • Know their values and how to communicate them,
  • Cultivate meaningful connections with those around them,
  • Set firm (but respectful) boundaries with themselves, others, and their work, and
  • Manage stress in healthy and effective ways that reduces burnout and builds joy


You interested?


What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is a present and future focused approach to personal and professional growth. Although at times we will need to explore and reference the past (since that’s what got you here), the focus on what’s happening in your life today and where you want to go tomorrow.

Working with me, you get the benefit of all my years of training and experience as a practicing Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, paired with my background in Executive Coaching, Business Strategy and Leadership Training all in one place. Plus throw in a dose of my training with Brené Brown on building courage, embracing vulnerability, and unleashing innovation.


I think of it as Therapeutically-Informed Coaching + Accountability + Strategy + Support.


This rolls together to build your capacity as a leader and help you create a deeper awareness of yourself and your motivations, discover blind spots and learn how to eliminate the internal (and external) roadblocks holding you back, and create shifts in your mindset and erase self-limiting beliefs around what is possible for you. Plus come up with a strategy to make your goals a reality.


Essentially, I use everything at my disposal to help you get out of your own way!