Clinical Case Consultation & Clinical Supervision

Clinical Case Consultation & Clinical Supervision Consultation


So you’ve spent years studying and practicing, finally graduated, and you’re ready to step into your new professional identity of Therapist.

Now the real work begins!

This is the time to develop your own professional identity and hone your clinical skills to become a confident and well-rounded practitioner.


In addition to my own clinical training and professional development, I have been supervising counselling graduate students for the past five years. In order to properly support students in various programs, with differing specialties, serving different populations, I have had to become well-versed in multiple modalities and concerned outside of my own daily practice.  I am passionate about empowering therapists to discover their own professional identity and support them to meet the unique needs of their clients. That said, there are areas outside of my specialties and will happily refer you to someone else if your needs exceed my experience.

I personally pull from a variety of clinical view points depending on the client’s world view including solution-focused, narrative, family systems, and CBT, however my main lens for work is Emotion-Focused Therapy.

What is the difference between Case Consultation and Supervision Consultation?


Case Consultation is generally short-term, case specific, and used to provide you with feedback, resources, and a different viewpoint as you work with your clients.  Essentially it’s a fresh set of eyes when you’re stuck to discover new ways to work with a concern or point out blind spots.

Supervision Consultation is a longer term relationship and is more exploratory and self-reflective in nature.  The focus is on you, your experiences in session, and areas for clinical growth.

I provide case consultation in the following areas:

  • Couples Counselling and relationship concerns, including dyadic and multiple partner dynamics (poly / open relationships)
  • Sex, intimacy, sexuality, and gender-identity
  • Addictions (Assessment, stabilization, and treatment options)
  • Adult Children of parents who struggled with Addiction, and/or Narcissistic or Borderline Personality Disorders
  • Emotional and Psychological Abuse
  • Communication issues, including boundary setting and assertiveness
  • Depression and Anxiety Management

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